Lightening Body Scrub

Transform your skin with the gentle yet effective power of Novus Skin Lightening Body Scrub. Crafted to support skin lightening and visibly reduce pigmentation, this soothing scrub delivers noticeable results with regular use. From hands to elbows, knees to underarms, our scrub targets darkened areas, leaving your skin brighter, smoother, and more radiant.


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Key Features

  1. Gentle Exfoliation: Our body scrub features natural pumice and walnut shell powder to gently exfoliate and slough away dead skin cells, revealing smoother, brighter-looking skin underneath. Enjoy the luxurious sensation of a gentle scrub that revitalizes and adds radiance to your skin.
  2. Supports Skin Lightening: Formulated with ingredients known to support skin lightening, our scrub targets areas of pigmentation and uneven skin tone, promoting a more balanced and luminous complexion with continued use.
  3. Visible Results: With regular use, you'll notice a visible lightening of the skin, including areas of pigmentation such as hands, elbows, knees, and underarms. Reveal the true beauty of your skin as it becomes brighter, clearer, and more even-toned over time.
  4. Cleanses and Refreshes: This gentle exfoliating body scrub not only sloughs away dead skin cells but also cleanses and refreshes your skin, leaving it feeling rejuvenated and revitalized after each use.
  5. Enriched with Vitamin B3: Infused with Vitamin B3, our body scrub nourishes and supports your skin's natural health, leaving it feeling hydrated, smooth, and visibly rejuvenated.

How to Use

  1. Wet Skin: Start with wet skin in the shower or bath.
  2. Apply Scrub: Take a generous amount of Lightening Body Scrub and apply it to your body, focusing on areas of concern such as darkened skin or pigmentation.
  3. Massage: Gently massage the scrub into your skin using circular motions, paying extra attention to rough or uneven areas. Enjoy the luxurious sensation as the scrub revitalizes and refreshes your skin.
  4. Rinse Off: Thoroughly rinse off the scrub with warm water, ensuring all traces are removed.
  5. Pat Dry: Gently pat your skin dry with a soft towel.


A gentle and soothing Body scrub that supports Skin Lightening and the visible reduction of Pigmentation. With regular use of Novus Skin lightening body scrub, you will notice a visible lightening of the skin including areas of pigmentation. Novus Skin lightening body scrub is used for overall skin lightening including areas of darkened skin found on hands, elbows, knees & underarms. This gentle exfoliating Body scrub cleanses, exfoliates and adds radiance to your skin. Natural pumice sloughs away dead skin cells for smooth and brighter-looking skin. Contains Vitamin B3 and Walnut shell powder.

Product size: 300ml


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