Facial Peels

Aesthet Xpert Peel

Starts at R800
Experience the ultimate skin rejuvenation with Aesthet Xpert Peel, unveiling a radiant complexion with expert care.

Medical Retinol Peel

Starts at R1,200
Discover the power of rejuvenation with Novus Skin Aesthetics' Medical Retinol Peel, transforming skin texture and tone for a radiant, youthful glow.

Aesthet Xpert Peel + HA Peel

Starts at R999
Elevate your skin's vitality with the dynamic duo: Aesthet Xpert Peel + HA Peel, delivering unparalleled rejuvenation and hydration for a luminous complexion.

Dark Circle Peel - Periocular

Starts at R605
Awaken your eyes to a brighter tomorrow with Novus Skin Aesthetics' Dark Circle Peel - Periocular, revealing refreshed radiance and confidence.

Mesopeel Melanostop Tran3x - Pigmentation

Starts at R960
Unveil your skin's true brilliance with Mesopeel Melanostop Tran3x, targeting pigmentation to reveal a flawless complexion.