Facial Treatments

Hydrating Facial

Starts at R650
Indulge in pure rejuvenation with Novus Skin Aesthetics' Hydrating Facial, a luxurious oasis of moisture and nourishment for radiant, dewy skin.

Brightening Facial

Starts at R650
Illuminate your complexion with Novus Skin Aesthetics' Brightening Facial, revealing a luminous glow and renewed radiance with every treatment.

Acne Attack

Starts at R650
Combat blemishes with confidence through Novus Skin Aesthetics' Acne Attack, a targeted solution for clearer, healthier skin.

Anti Aging Facial

Starts at R650
Turn back the hands of time with Novus Skin Aesthetics' Anti-Aging Facial, rejuvenating your skin for a youthful, radiant glow.

Instant Glow Facial

Starts at R850
Experience instant radiance with Novus Skin Aesthetics' Glow Facial, unveiling a luminous complexion that shines from within.


Starts at R650
Reveal your skin's true beauty with Novus Skin Aesthetics' Dermaplaning, a gentle exfoliation method for a smooth, radiant complexion.

Skin Tag Removal

Starts at R400
Unveil smoother skin with Novus Skin Aesthetics' Skin Tag Removal, expertly eliminating imperfections for a flawless complexion.

Hydra Facial

Starts at R1,400
Hydrate, rejuvenate, and glow with Novus Skin Aesthetics' HydraFacial, a transformative experience for radiant, refreshed skin.

Purifying Deep Cleanse Facial

Starts at R650
Revitalize your skin with Novus Skin Aesthetics' Purifying Deep Cleanse Facial, purging impurities for a fresh, rejuvenated complexion.